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Booktown Books is an indepentent co-op with 14 booksellers. The following are profiles for booksellers selling their wares at Booktown Books. Each Bookseller has their own booth in the store that displays their special genre of books. Every book is coded and priced by each bookseller. Note: some dealers will buy books from walk-ins. Call the store before coming in and talk to the dealer working that day. Also, book requests can be left in the "book request" book on the front counter.

Main Street Antiques & Books | Ken Higgins | An Inner Sanctum
Worlds Smallest Bookstore | Tom Cadman | Karmapa Book
Cobblestone Books | Bud Plant & Hutchison Books | The Wright Book
Music Town| Robert Elliott | Frisco Books
Booktown Books Floor Plan by Booth Number


Main Street Antiques & Books

Main Street Antiques and Books214 1/2 MAIN STREET - HISTORIC DOWNTOWN NEVADA CITY, CA
established in 1981 opened as a fun alternate way to shop for vintage items...
We seek out seldom found books - travel posters - brochures - postcards - MORE
Always lots of historic bottles - advertising items - children's playthings from
long ago - Always new items arriving each week - and our items can be
seen throughout Calif- Nevada at the numerous trade shows we exhibit at..
Email for show schedule - OLDBOOKS@NCCN.NET 530-265-3108



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Ken Higgins

Ken Higgins has books in booth 2 at Booktown Books. Messages may be left for Ken by calling Booktown Books.

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An Inner Sanctum

An Inner Sanctum is owned by Nicole Dillard and her books are located in booth 3, 8 and booth 13 of Booktown Books. You can e-mail Nicole at

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Worlds Smallest Bookstore

Iven LourieWorlds Smallest Bookstore (WSB) is the dba of Iven Lourie, bookseller and book editor, poet and writer, sometime college instructor and literary agent. Iven has been selling books at conferences and online since his University days in Tucson, AZ, during the 70s and 80s. His WSB section features poetry, writing manuals, local publishing, spirituality, health, self-help, science fiction, popular science, Judaica, how-to, business, and LARGE PRINT books. Books that Iven has edited are here: or catch up with him on Facebook:!/iven.lourie

Located in Booth 5; E-mail him at

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Tom Cadman

Tom Cadman houses his books in booth 6 of Booktown Books. He can be contacted at His specialty is World War II books.

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Karmapa Books

Eric Smith, Karmapa BooksKarmapa Books is located in booth 7 of Booktown Books. Eric Smith is the owner and can be contacted at




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Cobblestone Books

Cobblestone is owned by is owned by Steve and Kathy Adamovich. Their books are located in booth 9 at Booktown Books. Cobblestone can be contacted at or 916-923-3447. Their Web site is

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Bud Plant & Hutchison Books

Bud Plant and Hutchison Books are known for their fine illustrated and children's books. His books are located in booth 8 and 10. He can be reached at or or

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The Wright Book

The Wright BooksThe Wright Book has been in the book business since 1990, so we know good books!  Our genre fiction; sci-fi, fantasy, supernatural fiction, and mysteries, and our nonfiction metaphysics and occult sections are located in the front half of Booth 15 downstairs. Our nonfiction, and classic and modern literature, are located in the upstairs mezzanine, so come on in and see our very eclectic selection. We do knowledgeable book appraisals and free book searches. Our specialties are Metaphysics, Western Americana & Native Americana, Remarkable Women in History, Cooking, Crafts, an extraordinary selection of Railroad books, and much more.  You can also find us in Virginia City, Nevada at or 775-847-9518. We buy good books in many categories.

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Music Town

Ron Quintana in his booth at Booktown BooksMusic Town is owned by Ron Quintana and his goods are located in booth 15. He carries vinyl records, CDs, movies and other movie memorabilia. He can be contacted at or on Facebook.

Ron also shares booth 18 with Bud Plant of Bud Plant and Hutchison Books. This booth specializes in comic books.



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Robert Elliott Bookseller

Robert "Bob" Elliott is the owner of booth 17 and 19 at Booktown Books. He can be contacted at 530-432-8133 or

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Frisco Books

Mike Witter of Frisco Books

Mike Witter is the owner of Frisco Books. He has a grand space in booth 21 at the far end of the store. He can be contacted at






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Booktown Book's Floorplan by Booth Number

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booktown books floor plan